I met my husband at a church conference out of state that my church went to every year. You will always find hypocrites,always find people treating others wrong, etc, no matter where you are. Hi Camille, Im sorry to hear about the problems youre having with your hair! Very interestingI was thinking how uncomfortable it would be to romp at the beach in long denim skirts and maybe that's why I never saw any Pentecostals at the beach (that were dressed according to their belief system, that is). I am guessing long skirts. Its a very tragic thing to have to go through. I just have so many questions and wasnt even sure where to begin. What they will likely do is take you through parts of the Bible that explain the nature of God, what He said you must do to be saved (repentance, being baptized in the name of Jesus, and receiving the Holy Ghost) firstly, and then as you grow in your walk with God can do further Bible studies about growing with Him. I wear make up, I love dresses and skirts and would have no problem wearing them on Sundays, I do wear necklaces, and like jewelery,. The Bible teaches that when we seek God and, according to Acts 2:38 repent and are baptized in the name of Jesus, God will give us the gift of the Holy Ghost. Praying you make the right decision! I also saw up a lot of girls skirts growing up, which for a homonal 13 year old, threw any ideas of holiness out the window!Something thing that never would have happened if they had on pants or shorts. Somehow some of usnever learned the why behind everything. If youve been told not to be alone with them but were, you sinned by disobeying. Shorts are not permitted. If you are currently in a church I encourage you to speak with your pastor. That has always been my modesty test. We do this because in Deuteronomy 22:5 it talks about men not wearing womens apparel and women not wearing mens apparel. A lot of people wear their Sunday best to church but if people at your current church dont dress up like that, you might not have clothes like everyone else. Ive seen people firsthand get healed of illnesses (cancer, asthma, a baby with a hole in his heart, I was healed of a bleeding disorder). He is also divorced, and his ex wife was abusive to him, she would throw things at him, curse him, and basically treated him like he was the hired help, and she wanted him to wait on male guests in their home. We want everybody to know why they believe what they doour foundation needs to be the Bible. Your pastor or youth leader would be great to show you where in the Bible our doctrine comes from. The reason for this is because within each church there is general agreement on what the Bible teaches is holy and how we will live that out. God is amazing in what hes doing in my life as well as others Ive seen in church! Truthfully, if she is under 18 or living in her parents home their wishes must be followed. My daughter has asked me a question that I would like you to answer. We want our family members to experience the same blessings God has given us. God will not forsake you, we know that. A fun fact about WordPress is that in many cases it allows someone to see what search terms are used for someone to find your page. Sometimes the feeling can be a result of stress, depression, unrepentant sin, or just a time of testing. My church doesnt preach against them, and some women in my church wear them. It may be hard to feel God but be sure He is with You! Apostolics are not told to ignore people; on the contrary we see that the Bible tells us to go into the world and tell everyone about God! Likewise with your parents. They want to follow the Bible, they want to be saved, they want to experience joy and victory in their lives. Shorn means cut. Im trying to learn as much as possible to be sure this is right for me. God can introduce you to your wife in a time and place you never expect! Skeptictell 13 hr. If not the pastor anyone in the church you feel comfortable with can do it with you too. My belief was that GOD loves you no matter what that and HE KNOWS that I am a new person in many ways since I started going to church.l was baptized and received THE HOLY GHOST BUT THE DRESS CODE???? The Bible is truth and we do not pick and choose what we will follow. There was a resurgence in the late 1800s as people began to read the word and realize that what the mainstream churches of the day were preaching wasnt full truth. A godly man or woman would not expect you or even want you to hide it from your parents. You can Google answers but everyone will have a response as to why you should or shouldnt be in church. And if by chance you do decide you want to become Pentecostal, I would wait at least a year or two (or more) until you grow in your faith before pursuing a relationship with her. Ask him to give you a Bible study or visit his church with him. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. If I have to question it, Im not going to wear it. the reason why its a secret is because my parents said wait until im 18, thats all nothing is wrong with the guy that I am dating. I am a fashionista and it just about killed me to wear the same boring outfits all the time. Many times I meet people who believe we are. First and foremost I would ask your pastor any questions who have about your walk with God. Keep pressing on! Our pastors do not scrutinize our lives. Pentecostals believe that the Apostles with the authority to write scripture ended with the New Testament. Apostolic Company specializes in modest clothing for women and juniors including maxi dresses, denim skirts, modest tops, midi skirts and formal fashion trends. By choosing not to watch it, we are taking a step to prevent putting anything wicked before us. I just got back in contact with a family member I had lost contact with for about 4 years. The same with clothes. He said that he wanted them for waterday at the end ( they have water balloon and water gun fights) She said you can't wear them. Hi Hayley, Im glad to hear that youre in church and studying the Bible and holiness! In Psalm 101:3 David wrote that he would set no wicked thing before his eyes. I think it would help to come clean with your parents and talk to your pastor about the relationship so you guys can work on a healthy relationship with his blessing. I want to make sure its right in eyes of God. We live like everyone else. It sounds like youve already been dating but havent told your parents yet, and plan to when youre 18? Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled . Some really have to get it for themselves. Some pastors do not preach against makeup and if yours is one of them you might be ok to wear itthat said, the Bible also says if you know to do good but dont it is a sin to youif you feel convicted about it and see that the Bible isnt supportive of it, it is better to follow your conviction. Hi. The length of the dresses and skirts as well as their fit reflect modesty. Denim was a popular choice because the weight of the fabric would keep the skirt down in the water. Colossians 2:9 says the fulness of the godhead dwells in Jesus. Have you talked to your pastor about being baptized yet? Just based on what youve told me, I feel some red flags here. So thank you very much! Heres a fun activity you can do to see if people truly associate pants with men and dresses with women. I will keep your friend in prayer! Anyway, the females tend to not swim around the males, but if they do (like brothers), they usually wear split skirts or culottes, and t-shirts. I miss church so much but in my heart I believe people hate me or look down on me. Actually they judge everyone in the neighborhood and find all of us unworthly of their standards. While you will not find a verse that flat out says makeup is a sin you can find numerous verses where God does not look favorably on women painting their faces. Im interested in Apostolic faith but it doesnt seem there are many churches of the faith in my area, especially decent sized ones with a college student crowd and college student activities, rallies, ect. Let me ask you, why do you want to wear makeup? HydroChic is a proud women owned and run company, providing modest swimwear and bathing suits to women world over. We know that we saw God heal people or even ourselves. So even trimming of the hair is against the Bible. When you consider, if someone attends all three services of the week, and from arrival to leaving may be anywhere from 1.5-2 hours (a typical church service begins with 30 minutes of prayer before the service, about 20-30 minutes of music, about a 30-45 minute message, and a time of prayer after service known as the altar callof course this varies greatly), we spend about 6 hours a week in church. Real Life. It sounds like youre struggling! Peter argued back, Ive never eaten unclean animals! God responded that what He has cleansed let not man call unclean. I mentioned above how I left the church for a while once. Also, when we ask God to forgive useven after we receive the Holy Ghost and get baptizedHe is faithful to do so! Makes for a very uncomfortable situation. What happened to the Apostolic Pentecostal church after the apostles?. I cant give you an answer because Im not 100% sure on this one. No. That said, you will meet people who will have a personal conviction not to. I am so thankful to have come across this post! DOES THIS MEAN I CANT EAT PORK. I do not want these things to be a problem between us. Pentecostals live very rewarding lives and we experience so much of the greatness of God that we want to share it with everybody! Like I mentioned in a response above, if you are questioning leaving the church it is likely that you are struggling with someone. Or dont want to. We know that when we experience it, theres no way it cant be true. But at waters edge, as long as they are wearing a non-revealing 1 piece swim suit, they are fine. I want to be apostolic but I want to wear makeup. Change), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Its not hard for me to follow rules that leadership places for the congregation because I know that unless it goes contrary to the word of God than it is placed there because they care for my soul. Yes, as long as you are not in adultery as listed in the Bible, for example Matthew 19:9andRomans 7:2. There arent any required classes, public professions, or anything like that. I believe that God realizes in moments of necessity that it is not an action of rebellion. Well, of course I assume you're talking about "holiness-type" (for lack of a better term) Pentecostals (not like Assemblies of God)--also some non-Pentecostals dress that way as well. People look at Pentecostals and think that because many tend to live a certain way, whether it be in clothing, hairstyles, places they will or wont go, etc., that we are required to do so. As an apostolic lady I feel like it is extremely important to understand why we have rules and standards and why we refrain from many activities. My question is this though.. You see, in Bible times people were often given names based on their attributes. Ive always heard that there are two definitions of what an apostle is: One, someone who has the authority to write scripture, and Two, someone who has a calling to start churches. The leaders will follow these standards because one, we actually agree with them, and two, we dont want there to be confusion as to what we teach and why some in leadership dont follow it. As an additional note, because many will argue that the internet is worse: This is true. When God became and man and died for us His name became Jesus. I do have a question, I was divorced, when I first joined my church, my ex husband committed adultery. If your parents or pastor dont think its wrong and you didnt do anything, then no, its not wrong. Now for youth or children summer camps, they generally have to wear 1 piece swim suits and a shirt over their suits going to and from the pool or beach. They mainly still on the beach and watch their kids swim but they get in the water sometimes themselves. I just wanted to make that clear. The little gal that used to live next door would come swim with my granddaughter and would wear extra long t-shirts. He will be your best mentor. You are correct, you will be welcomed no matter how you dress! Emotions tend to rule us many times. We also do it for modesty reasons (wearing a skirt does not show off the body like pants do). You will still be welcomed to come. burkini anyone?! Its a great book to look in to! They can be stick people, blob people, anything. This is oftentimes found through the Bible, preaching, and your man of God but sometimes God works in other ways too. Oh, and most Pentecostals youll meet will actually say they like being at church more than they already are. The Holy Ghost is Gods spirit that dwells in men. If youre asking what happens at conferences: Its just like going to church somewhere else. Real Celebration. Modest bathing suits used to be hard to come by, but they're now available in a large number of styles and cuts. To look pretty? Now for youth or children summer camps, they generally have to wear 1 piece swim suits and a shirt over their suits going to and from the pool or beach. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Its easy to give in to temptation, plus, if someone did see you, it is the appearance of evil, which can ruin your reputation in some peoples eyes. Here it is on Amazon:http://www.amazon.com/Our-God-One-Talmadge-French/dp/1888251204, Get back up! Pentecostals believe that faith must be . If you meet a Pentecostal who lives a certain way it is because they want to. The scripture says that any woman that wears men's clothing is an abomination to God. Those who wear big bows or fancy clothes do not have convictions against this because it is not jewelry and they may have not spent a lot of money on it therefore it is not costly. We also know from experience that living for God is a very rewarding life, full of joy and many wonderful things. If you want to know what Apostolics believe, just read the Bible! The Bible instructs us to dress modestly. Its just because people are people. Ive been to his church with him a few times. I was just a few years younger than you when I went back. Fourth, if your parents dont take news of you dating well, what to do? I have no words to describe what I felt, other than to say it felt like coming home. The setting no wicked thing before your eyes doesnt just apply to TV. If you dont own a suit or a skirt dont let that stop you from coming! The Bible says its good for a man not to touch a woman, also to flee youthful lusts. Because of this, we dont watch TV because most of what is on TV these days is what the Bible labels as sin (profanity, nudity, swearing, violence, premarital sex, drinking, drugs, adultery, lying, stealing, cheating, etc). Given that youre Catholic Im going to assume youre already familiar with many aspects of Christian living. Technically did you sin? She said you don't need swim clothes. http://daintyjewells.com/ andhttp://www.jademackenzie.com/ There are many more and if you know of one I would be happy to list them if youll comment the link below.